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We Have the Finest Licensed Insolvency Trustees Calgary Has to Offer


Bankruptcy Trustee Calgary

Are you looking for a Licensed Insolvency Trustee in or near Calgary, AB? If your answer is yes, the team from Hudson & Company is here for you.

According to Canadian laws, all bankruptcy claims must be filed through a licensed insolvency trustee – a legal and financial adviser whose sole focus is to assist Canadians not only in filing for bankruptcy but also in assessing your finances to help you achieve debt relief. We understand that you are likely feeling overwhelmed by debt, and thus our ultimate goal is to help you navigate through any financial issues that you may need to resolve.

The following is an overview of the comprehensive process utilized by our skilled team of Licensed Insolvency Trustees:

  • We will carefully review your assets, obligations and debts, to ensure that you are indeed eligible for filing for bankruptcy in Canada.
  • We will help you fill out all paperwork that is required throughout the process.
  • We can help you transfer control of your non-exempt assets – such as your home and/or vehicle – to us, allowing us to liquidate them in order to repay your debts.
  • We will inform your creditors of your bankruptcy status to begin appropriate negotiations on your behalf.
  • Finally, we will assist you in the redistribution of your funds to your creditors to ensure that your outstanding debts are fully repaid.

Each of these steps is crucial to ensure a smooth bankruptcy process, which means that it requires the attention and expertise of a professional trustee. With decades of experience in, our bankruptcy trustees are dedicated to taking the time in helping you understand your financial situation and establishing the best and most effective resolution plan.

Filing for bankruptcy is a major decision that you should never face alone. That is why your ideal solution is to schedule a consultation with our Calgary Licensed Insolvency Trustees by calling 403-265-HELP (4357). At Hudson & Company, we look forward to helping you overcome your financial difficulties for a brighter future!