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Bruce Hudson

Bruce Hudson | Licensed Insolvency Trustee In Calgary

1954 – 2022

In Memorial…

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our colleague and long-time partner Bruce Hudson. Bruce was with Hudson & Company Insolvency Trustees for over 40 years. He was a great Trustee and dedicated mentor. We will always remember him for his kindness and keen sense of humour.

Bankruptcy & Insolvency Services

Including Debt Settlement & Consumer Proposals

At Hudson & Company, our Licensed Insolvency Trustees, can help you overcome your financial problems and put you on a path where you can become free from debt.

In Canada, all bankruptcies and proposals must be filed through a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (AKA Bankruptcy Trustee) – a designated individual who has specific training in educating debtors on their financial options and to facilitate in filing insolvency proceedings. We understand that you are feeling overwhelmed by debt, and thus our goal is to provide solutions, so you may become free from debt.

With over 30 years of experience we have helped thousands of people across Alberta with filing bankruptcies and consumer proposals to deal with credit card debt, income taxes, foreclosures and a wide range of other unsecured debt-related issues. We will review your options with you in detail and provide you with our professional recommendation.

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Licensed Insolvency Trustees are debt experts. For individuals, we provide bankruptcy and consumer proposal services. We also provide free debt consultations for anyone who is considering their options or looking for more information.

Filing For Bankruptcy May Not Be Your Only Option

There are several steps in filing for bankruptcy, but a review of your options is the first step. Each case is different, and you want a professional to provide you with the right solution to the problem: Only a trained and experienced trustee will be able to navigate the intricacies of the process to yield optimal results. Not everybody needs to file for bankruptcy, in some cases, a consumer proposal is a more suitable solution.

At Hudson & Company, we offer a free initial meeting to help you understand all of the options and then choose the ideal solution for your distinct needs. We understand that life does not always go as planned, and that is why our firm will be there through each step of the process.

When you meet with a member of our team, we promise that you will receive friendly, personal service that is based on your individual needs. If you have been looking for professional help in dealing with your financial situation, do not wait to call us!

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How will you know when its time to talk to a Licensed Insolvency Trustee? It is never too early to come and talk to us for a free debt consultation. Here are some signals that can help you know its time.

What Are My Options?

Bankruptcy is not the only option and may not be the best solution. Avoid filing for bankruptcy with the most cost-effective alternative.

Debt Relief Done Right

We provide debt relief consulting and consumer proposal services in Calgary. Find out how we can help you become debt free...

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We’ll help you understand the process and weigh-out your options.

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We can meet over the phone and with video conferencing to file remotely.

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We offer extended evening and weekend hours to make it easier on your schedule.

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Visit us at our offices in Calgary and throughout Southern Alberta.

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Licensed Insolvency Trustees For Bankruptcy In  Calgary

Getting help with filing bankruptcy and achieving debt relief in Calgary is as easy as calling Hudson & Company. Please call us today at 403-265-HELP (4357) to schedule a consultation with one of our Licensed Insolvency Trustees.

Filing for bankruptcy is never an easy decision, but we will review the many alternatives, answer all your questions, and begin the process so that you can achieve a better financial future.

Is Bankruptcy The Solution?

If you are filing for personal bankruptcy in Calgary or Southern Alberta, we are here to help you evaluate ALL of your options.

Personal Bankruptcy

To determine whether you qualify for personal bankruptcy, begin by asking yourself the following questions...

As your bankruptcy trustee, we will ensure that you have all the information that you need to make confident and informed decisions. From your first free consultation to your final discharge, our qualified staff will be right there beside you every step of the way!

The appointment is free and confidential, so call us today and start laying the tracks to financial freedom.

We Can Help You Find an Alternative to Bankruptcy

It is important that you know all the options before making a decision. For example, bankruptcy is not the only option when facing financial hardship. There are many alternatives to bankruptcy that could work for you such as a consumer proposal. With over 30 years’ of experience, we will be able to find a solution custom-tailored to your needs.

Alternatives To Bankruptcy In Calgary

It is important that you know all the facts before making a decision. For example, bankruptcy is not the only option when facing financial hardships. There are many alternatives to bankruptcy that could work for you. With our over 30 years’ experience helping people solve their financial hardships, we will be able to find a solution custom-tailored to your needs.

Hudson and Company Offers Free Consultations. Call Today To Speak To Speak To A Licensed Insolvency Trustee.

Client Reviews

We provide bankruptcy services, consumer proposals and free debt settlement consultations in Calgary and throughout Southern Alberta. See what our clients have to say about their experience with our Licensed Insolvency Trustees.

Bjoern W.
Thanks to Steven Cooke, Greg Stanford, Meghan Wood and everyone else at hudson&company, who have convinced me that their help comes from the passion to help first and is not faked to make money.You guys are truly a benefit to society and good to know your out their helping.God bless your serviceSome days may don't mean much for you to go to work. But for me, you have been and continue to be an important part of overcoming great hardship and believing in rebuilding a better future for me and my family.Thank you
ruby P.
A huge thank you to Jeff and Gregg and the team for helping me get back on track. During our first conversation, Jeff put my mind at ease with her genuine kindness and professionalism. He took away my feelings of shame and helped me build my confidence back up. I felt like I was given all the information I needed to make the most informed, beneficial decision on how to move forward. I was able to rest easy knowing my financial future was now under control. I am so grateful for the tremendous weight lifted off my shoulders. I only wish I had called sooner. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
100% recommend this company to anyone who is in financial distress and feels stuck. After the first phone call I felt reassured. Greg was amazing, very informative and respectfull.
The process of even looking into bankruptcy was causing me tremendous stress and anxiety but luckily I found Hudson & Company!Steven & Greg have been amazing, providing a lot of information in a way that I found easy to understand and they gave me options to deal with my personal situation.I thought my situation was unmanageable and out of control, but Hudson & Company walked me through step by step the entire process, and now there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If you’re drowning in debt, call these guys for help!!!
Reid L.
I recently had a phone conversation with Greg. I explained my circumstance with a particular debt that I have. Greg provided me with some incredible information about my situation, outlining options that I shouldn't pursue and the reasoning behind each. He then offered several options with both pros and cons for each solution. I enjoyed the conversation, feeling no pressure one way or another, and felt he had my best interest in mind. I highly recommend Greg at Hudson and Company. I appreciate your time, thank you!Reid
Alex R
Thank you so much to Greg and Hudson & company for the help, being patient for explaining all the options. Well recommended
Sam F.
I had a telephone interview with Greg. In the short time of explaining my situation, he was able to give me 3 options that I had and explained how each one would work for me. He left me with what might be the best option, and how Hudson and Company are prepared with how to present it going forward.I had some homework to do but felt very comfortable with how Greg presented himself and the company. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone for Greg's services.Thanks, Greg, it was a pleasure talking to you.Sam
Maria Gabriela Benitez R.
Excellent work team in this company, super respectful, responsible and efficient, they guide you throughout the entire process. 100% recommended
Paul M.
Greg Stanford was excellent at answering my questions regarding debts without shame or any form pressure. I really appreciated the free advice that didn't feel like it was pushing me towards options that could effectively harm me long term.
Joel W.
Working with Greg was an absolute pleasure. They helped me navigate through the process with ease and made sure that I never felt like less. Their guidance and support were invaluable, and I couldn’t have done it without them. Thanks to Meghan as well. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs a helping hand. Thank you so much for all your help
Neeru K.
I had an amazing experience with this company. The most wonderful team that helped me through a very difficult time in my life. I have no words to explain how supportive Greg and the whole team was. I was completely impressed with their professionalism and customer service. Greg took his time to listen and to explain all the options available for me. He also guided me to choose the best options to overcome my issues that I was facing. I am thankful to Greg, who went above and beyond to answer all my questions and to help me find the right solutions. The whole team especially Greg, Breanna and Chandal were very kind, supportive and patient with me. Their customer service is second to none. The quality is consistently outstanding, exceeding my expectations every time. I'm grateful to all they have done to help me get through it. I highly recommend this company.
R F.
Stressed over my debt load and not knowing how to compare Trustees, I did a Google search for one near me. It was by sheer luck that I landed at Hudson and Company. Greg was totally non-judgemental, smart, professional, efficient, and very effective. These guys really know what they are doing. My debt was reduced to pennies on the dollar. It was such a relief and comfort to walk in there and walk out with nothing left to do. Greg took care of everything. They never asked me for a penny upfront. They worked out their fee as part of the proposal. Overall, I am extremely satisfied and would highly recommend them. No one deserves to be so financially stressed, and everyone deserves a fresh start. Good luck.
A U.
I recently worked with Breanna and her team at Hudson & Co. on my consumer proposal, and the experience was incredibly positive. They responded quickly to my questions and made everything straightforward and understandable. Their support was amazing, helping clear a path to financial freedom for me. After taking on debt from a previous marriage, their guidance was crucial in setting a bright future for myself and my children. I felt like they genuinely cared about my situation and went above and beyond. I highly recommend Hudson & Co. to anyone looking for clear, friendly, and effective financial help. They didn’t just provide a service; they changed my life.
My matter was quickly and professionally handled. Every step was managed professionally and very efficiently. I highly recommend Hudson & Co. 100%.
My experience working with Hudson & Company, specifically Greg has been wonderful. Hudson & Company came recommended to me by a friend that also had a great experience with Greg. I was so stressed & upset prior to contacting Greg, he helped put my mind at ease. Gave professional advice, helping me way out all my options and answering all my questions. I never felt rushed in making a decsion and felt supported. I can not say enough about my experience with Hudson & Company. Thank you!
Gil T.
First, I must say that I am IMPRESSED with Greg at Hudson & Company! Greg was very straight forward with my options to resolve my debt, after being out of work for more than a year. He gave me a plan of attack to move forward, discussed alternatives and appeased my anxiety about my current situation.Kudos to Greg! I will definitely take your advice to heart, as I move ahead in resolving my debt situation.
K A.
I was under a tremendous amount of stress not knowing where to turn after falling behind on bills due to a long term illness where my income was significantly reduced. I reached out to Hudson & Co. and Steven Cooke discussed my options with professionalism and no judgment. He and Greg Stanford answered any questions I had and the whole process took about an hour. I am no longer worried about the collection calls and can go into the new year feeling relieved. They are experts who make you feel at ease and genuinely respected. I would recommend calling them to anyone who is looking for information on how to fix their credit.
I'm so glad that I was able to get my financial situation figured out with everyone here on the team! They are truly professional, knowledgable, and most of all helpful! Thank you so much!
Holding S.
I am in my third month of insolvency and wanted to leave a quick review of Hudson and Co. I met with Greg Stanford and he explained the process to me and answered some questions in under an hour. He was genuinely interested to help me and to date has been responsive to my queries. There have been a couple of collections agents that began pestering me and Hudson & Co. took care of that issue for me quickly. I would definitely recommend Greg and this company for anyone needing such a service. They are experts in their understanding of insolvency and make the process simple to follow.
kyle B.
I was suffering with crippling debt that I couldn’t ever recover from and it caused me and my family extreme stress and anxiety.Greg to the rescue!!! He is absolutely, hands down the greatest person I have ever dealt with, He fully explained the whole situation to me and put me at ease. Greg has been a blessing and I wouldn’t hesitate to tell everyone who is in a pinch financially yo call him and hudson and company.Thankyou greg and thankyou hudson and company.
parash m
It was very smooth, easy & stress free service from Greg.I was not expected this kind of smooth service from Greg. After i contacted and with stress some Agency , I contacted to Greg. and I did not take time to think. right a way I made decision to continue process and everything done smoothly . If you are looking to get out of your debt and want to be stress free life then I highly recommend to meet one time Greg.Everyone has different experience but it was great experience with Greg and his team. Thank you Greg.
jacek L.
Wonderful, respectful team. Precise financial advice. Trustworthy and always available for questions and education. Greg is someone you simply trust as he treats you with respect and is very knowledgeable and super helpful. Highly recommend getting advice and support from this company.
K L.
A friend refered me to Greg & he explained my options in layman's terms. Although he couldn't directly help me since I am from a different province he was able to refer me to someone in my city to further speak with.Definitely recommend Greg!
Iwan M.
My experience with Hudson & Company has been a very pleasant. I was nervous during the counselling but Greg was excellent and made me feel very comfortable. He explained thoroughly the process and answered each and every questions clearly. The whole ordeal was very smooth and fast. Greg was very helpful and knowledgeable. I’m just waiting for my application to be approved. Thanks Greg for all your help!
Chyane S.
Greg was amazing he help me find the best solution to my problems I was very stressed how I was going to be able to pay my loans when they where asking for to much when financially I couldn’t greg helped me and his trustee find best way for me to be able pay it off at a reasonable price.I feel like stress is finally off my shoulders!!!Thank you so much
Got through first of two mandatory meetings with Greg at Hudson, fairly painless, LOL, Greg was more than accommodating with my questions and he gave me great advice for future strategies to do with my money. Previous to that, Steven was very thorough in going through my options and together we picked the right one for me. Very nice and helpful group!
Jane M.
An excellent experience in a difficult time. Greg Stanford is knowledgeable and professional. Made me feel bery supported. Highly recommend 🙏🏻
ainsley T.
I’m super grateful for the professional counselling I received after I connected with Hudson & Company. Thanks to the guidance provided, I am now on a path back to financial wellness and it feels absolutely wonderful. The whole process was very smooth and easy- they really know their stuff. Thank you Greg!
Steve F
Everyone was very professional. Greg had a lot of great advice, very informative and was a pleasure to work with.
Alenga M.
Greg is amazing man. Spoke with him and he was able to help me out and explained everything to me and made this whole process very easy. Even after the process and meetings I had, I still reach out to him for financial literacy regarding my case and he helps me out.
Mona T.
Greg Stanford was excellent and explained to me how everything works on a consumer proposal. I couldn’t be more happier than I am now. Thank you Greg
Leanne G.
My process with Hudson & Company has been a pleasure! From the first initial conversation to the very end; amazing! As someone who was super nervous to reach out, Hudson & Company made sure to make me feel comfortable. Answered each and every question I had along the way. Personally I worked with Greg and he was fabulous! Within my time with Hudson & Company I’ve emailed with several different people and they all were efficient and super kind. Trust me, reaching out and making the phone call is the scariest part! From then on, easy sailing! So blessed. Thank all of you!
Joe M.
Greg helped me big time dealing with my bankruptcy. Super easy to deal with and explained everything so i could totally understand the overwhelming amount of information. Was able to chat and not feel like I was talking to a robot and now with their help I’m moving forward!
Martin H.
Well, had my 1st phone call appointment with Greg Stenford. He is very personable and knowledgeable of all things debt related..I would make this company my 1st stop on any debt repayment journey. Good luck to everyone who require this type of financial service.
Layer C.
I regret not calling for help months sooner. Greg Stanford and his team are sensational!! The half hour free consultation was so beneficial. The knowledge, friendliness and patients Greg has is phenomenal. He answered all my questions and explained everything clearly. I would highly recommend Hudson and Company.
Dave G.
I spoke to Greg to simply see what his thoughts on my situation was and to get his advice on possible directions I could take given my circumstances. I have a fairly extensive credit background myself so the conversation was quite smooth and understandable. There was not much changes to the area of credit world problem solving....I found Greg to be most knowledgeable in all avenues. open to my situation and explained everything in detail very clearly and kept the conversation enjoyable not depressing. do not hesitate to be totally open with Greg as he will help for certain... 5 star rating easily
Greg was GREAT!!!Response time ✅Knowledge ✅Relatable as a human ✅Made it easy enough and took the time to explain ✅Thanx Greg and Hudson & Company!
Vicky W.
I was amazed at how comforatable they made me and how compassionate and professional they have been with me. It has been a pleasure working with this company all of the tine
Sandy M.
If you have large monthly payments with hardly any reduction in your huge debt load, due to the high interest payments, and you are unable to afford your basic living expenses as a result, I would highly recommend that you contact Hudson & Company Insolvency Trustees to help you with a solution. Thes was my situation. When I developed high blood pressure as a result of the stress caused by my financial situation, I realized I had to forget the embarassment and negative stigma attached to insolvency and seek help. I needed a company where I was treated with respect and care, and not stigmatized or looked down upon because of my current circumstances. Greg at Hudson & Company provided that and more. He was caring and compassionate, and patiently guided me through the process. I did not want to declare bankruptcy, and he explained all the options available to me, including bankruptcy (just in case). Greg took care of all the paperwork and negotiations with my creditors, but consulted me before making any decisions. I am in a consumer proposal where my monthly payments have reduced by more than 500%, I'm able to take of my basic needs and save for emergencies, and I will be debt free in 5 years or less. In addition, my hypertension is under control. Hudson & Company also takes care to ensure that you are on your way to financial stability after your insolvency option has been finalized. They provide caring counsellors to help guide you in developing a budget and a financial wellness future plan. I would highly recommend Greg and the team at Hudson & Company, as your insolvency trustees of choice.
Julie H.
After a horrible experience with another firm, Hudson & Company was a breath of fresh air. They walked me through my options step by step and offered solutions with my best interest in mind. I cannot recommend them enough.
Barbara M.
Greg and team are, quite simply, fabulous. Filing for bankruptcy is the most humiliating thing I've ever had to do. It happened through no fault of my own - but I was still ashamed. All I got from Greg was compassion, support, and understanding. He explained clearly and concisely, and answered my questions patiently. Then I spoke to Steven, who was the same in manner and decorum. I felt comfortable, and I felt safe. In a few short months my life will start fresh. And I know that they will support me through it all. I am both thankful, and grateful. If you need bankruptcy support, look no further. You'll be treated with respect.
kayla P.
Stephen and Greg were very helpful in guiding me into which way was best for me to better my future.Stephen reassured me in my worries and helped me feel much better in making a decision.I am glad I came here to see what my options are. I was scared and skeptical at first, but, I left feeling like a load of stress has been lifted off of my shoulders.Thank you very much Hudson and company for all your help in making sure that I can build a better future and credit for myself!I definitely recommend anyone that's facing hardship to come here 🙏
Silvia Cruz G.
They worked really hard to give me back my life. They kept their promise to help me clean up my credit and I was able to start a new life.Life hits hard sometimes for me divorce created all kinds of financial problems, it all changed with Hudson & company helping me.I am now debt free and working on rebuilding my credit history. Thank you!
Sheldon J.
Hudson & Company have been excellent in assisting with my family's case. Very supportive and amazing team. Greg has been incredible, and has stopped at nothing to make sure I had a clear understanding of all the associated ramifications. This is by far, the best experience I have had with any service related to debt management, and their no obligation, free consultation shows how professionally they treat all of their clients. I am happy that I was able to conduct business with Greg and team at Hudsons. Would 10/10 recommend to anyone on the fence.
Iryn R.
Very helpful people especially Greg, he is very informative and nice. Thank you for all your help Greg and Jeff. You guys are awesome🤩
Scott L.
Courteous, Hardworking & Professional. Highly recommend. Stefan's team (especially Breanna) were extremely effective in helping me get back on the right track. Much love to these folks. Do yourself a favour and give them a call.
Life changing experience - wish I knew about this sooner. Stephan and his team made the process seamless and easy. From the initial consultation I knew exactly what I was looking at, and what the process would look like if I chose to move forward. No pressure environment, he was upfront about fees and how my options would impact those fees. Can't say enough about my experience, very quickly my life has completely changed. If you're stuck financially at least go for a consultation and see if there are options for you.. feels great to breathe again!
Eric R.
I would like to share my experience with Hudson and company and first would like to thank Breanna Burkhead-Smith and Jeff price. They were very knowledgeable and made my experience that much easier to deal with. No one likes to go through debt or bankruptcy. These individuals do not judge or look down on you. They help you. I can’t wait to see what the future will look like in a few years. Thank you Hudson and Company
Denise S.
During a very difficult time In my life I found dealing with Hudson & Co to be very professional and informative. Everyone was supportive and helped me to clearly understand my responsibilities and requirements and assisted me without hesitation when I reached out. They were responsive to communication in a very timely manner. Although I hope to never have to work with them again I can sincerely recommend this company to help you through the difficult process of going through a bankruptcy. They’re knowledgeable and professional and supportive.
John L.
The Company was professional and the workers were always courteous and very helpful. It was a pleasure to have been helped through a hard time in my life. Thankyou to all. Regards; John
Denise R.
Denise R.
Amanda R.
The Hudson Team has been so helpful and kind in assisting me with understanding what would work best for my personal circumstance. Every question or email no matter what or when was replied to with haste. I have never felt so involved in a process, like I was part of the team!
Sandra P.
Hudson and Company were very helpful in achieving my goals. The staff are knowledgeable and professional.
Jeff and his team were wonderful to deal with. They answered all my questions, worked with my hectic schedule, and they did so seamlessly across the border (I am currently in the US.) Jeff and his staff were successful in my consumer proposal and I am very satisfied with the end result. I would highly recommend them!
Chalsea J.
After struggling with trying to pay off our debts, My fiance and I decided to make the phone call to Hudson and company for information on helping us with our debts. We got talking with Stefan and before we new it our debts were cut in half and now making a small payment monthly straight to our principle interest free. THANK YOU HUDSON AND COMPANY!!
Jose S.
After thinking about it for a long time I finally decided to seek help to solve my economic problems and it was the best decision I made. Thanks to Hudson & Company for their great support and help to find solution to my situation, there is nothing quieter and more satisfying than waking up thinking I am debt free! Thank you very much!
Michelle W.
Stefan was awesome and helped my husband and I through the proposal process. We consolidated all our debt into 1 monthly payment. It’s such a relief now to know that we will be debt free in a couple years. I would strongly suggest to go through this company if you are in financial woes.
M H.
I worked with Jeff on a proposal that had nuances and extended over 4.5 years. Jeff and his team were highly responsive and worked with me to ensure that the proposal flowed smoothly. Even though Proposals are not fun, the process worked well and I would recommend Jeff and his team to anyone needing assistance to reorganize their financial affairs.
Hudson & Company Insolvency Trustees I.
"We would like to thank all of you for helping us with our financial situation! Although we are very embarrassed, you have made us feel very comfortable! We've had our first counselling session with Karis and she's great too! Thank you for the wonderful service!Sincerely,Renee M.""Kim, Your kindness is greatly appreciated.-LS"
Hudson & Company Insolvency Trustees I.
Hudson & Company offers a free consultation. We found it very informative. The options presented by Mr. Bruce Hudson were clear and helpful toward our course of action. We were able to avoid bankruptcy, and were comfortable in the payment schedule presented and agreed upon by our creditors. Mr. Hudson and his associates have acted responsibly and have been available over the past 3 1/2 years, for any of our inquiries. We would enthusiastically recommend Hudson & Company with a 5 Star rating, to anyone desiring financial advice. Thank you Bruce, and associates, for your care and advice.SM
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