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Bruce Hudson

Bruce Hudson | Licensed Insolvency Trustee In Calgary

1954 – 2022

In Memorial…

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our colleague and long-time partner Bruce Hudson. Bruce was with Hudson & Company Insolvency Trustees for over 40 years. He was a great Trustee and dedicated mentor. We will always remember him for his kindness and keen sense of humour.

Bankruptcy & Insolvency Services

Including Debt Settlement & Consumer Proposals

At Hudson & Company, our Licensed Insolvency Trustees, can help you overcome your financial problems and put you on a path where you can become free from debt.

In Canada, all bankruptcies and proposals must be filed through a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (AKA Bankruptcy Trustee) – a designated individual who has specific training in educating debtors on their financial options and to facilitate in filing insolvency proceedings. We understand that you are feeling overwhelmed by debt, and thus our goal is to provide solutions, so you may become free from debt.

With over 30 years of experience we have helped thousands of people across Alberta with filing bankruptcies and consumer proposals to deal with credit card debt, income taxes, foreclosures and a wide range of other unsecured debt-related issues. We will review your options with you in detail and provide you with our professional recommendation.

VIDEO: What We Do

Licensed Insolvency Trustees are debt experts. For individuals, we provide bankruptcy and consumer proposal services. We also provide free debt consultations for anyone who is considering their options or looking for more information.

Filing For Bankruptcy May Not Be Your Only Option

There are several steps in filing for bankruptcy, but a review of your options is the first step. Each case is different, and you want a professional to provide you with the right solution to the problem: Only a trained and experienced trustee will be able to navigate the intricacies of the process to yield optimal results. Not everybody needs to file for bankruptcy, in some cases, a consumer proposal is a more suitable solution.

At Hudson & Company, we offer a free initial meeting to help you understand all of the options and then choose the ideal solution for your distinct needs. We understand that life does not always go as planned, and that is why our firm will be there through each step of the process.

When you meet with a member of our team, we promise that you will receive friendly, personal service that is based on your individual needs. If you have been looking for professional help in dealing with your financial situation, do not wait to call us!

VIDEO: When To Come See Us

How will you know when its time to talk to a Licensed Insolvency Trustee? It is never too early to come and talk to us for a free debt consultation. Here are some signals that can help you know its time.

What Are My Options?

Bankruptcy is not the only option and may not be the best solution. Avoid filing for bankruptcy with the most cost-effective alternative.

Debt Relief Done Right

We provide debt relief consulting and consumer proposal services in Calgary. Find out how we can help you become debt free...

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We can meet over the phone and with video conferencing to file remotely.

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We offer extended evening and weekend hours to make it easier on your schedule.

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Licensed Insolvency Trustees For Bankruptcy In  Calgary

Getting help with filing bankruptcy and achieving debt relief in Calgary is as easy as calling Hudson & Company. Please call us today at 403-265-HELP (4357) to schedule a consultation with one of our Licensed Insolvency Trustees.

Filing for bankruptcy is never an easy decision, but we will review the many alternatives, answer all your questions, and begin the process so that you can achieve a better financial future.

Is Bankruptcy The Solution?

If you are filing for personal bankruptcy in Calgary or Southern Alberta, we are here to help you evaluate ALL of your options.

Personal Bankruptcy

To determine whether you qualify for personal bankruptcy, begin by asking yourself the following questions...

As your bankruptcy trustee, we will ensure that you have all the information that you need to make confident and informed decisions. From your first free consultation to your final discharge, our qualified staff will be right there beside you every step of the way!

The appointment is free and confidential, so call us today and start laying the tracks to financial freedom.

We Can Help You Find an Alternative to Bankruptcy

It is important that you know all the options before making a decision. For example, bankruptcy is not the only option when facing financial hardship. There are many alternatives to bankruptcy that could work for you such as a consumer proposal. With over 30 years’ of experience, we will be able to find a solution custom-tailored to your needs.

Alternatives To Bankruptcy In Calgary

It is important that you know all the facts before making a decision. For example, bankruptcy is not the only option when facing financial hardships. There are many alternatives to bankruptcy that could work for you. With our over 30 years’ experience helping people solve their financial hardships, we will be able to find a solution custom-tailored to your needs.

Hudson and Company Offers Free Consultations. Call Today To Speak To Speak To A Licensed Insolvency Trustee.

Client Reviews

We provide bankruptcy services, consumer proposals and free debt settlement consultations in Calgary and throughout Southern Alberta. See what our clients have to say about their experience with our Licensed Insolvency Trustees.

Richard G.
Very professional and easy to deal with, explained everything clearly very positive experience. Highly recommended.
daisy T.
Their Team of experts demonstrated a level of professionalism, knowledge and compassion that exceeded all expectations. Thank you so much.
Ashton B.
I can't say enough positive things about Hudson & Company. Over 5 years ago my husband went through Hudson & Company for his proposal. Just this year I found myself in a similar situation as his. I chose to go through Hudson after his great experience with them. I worked with Stefan, and Breanna. Stefan did a free consultation with me. There was little to no wait time to get in for an appointment. He was non-judgemental of my circumstances and provided me with different options available to me. He was able to answer all of my questions and even got Breanna on my file to get the documents prepared sooner as it was a time sensitive matter for me. Breanna was very friendly and definitely knowledgeable. She was able to explain everything to me and also answered any questions I had. I've also had very quick responses from both Stefan and Breanna throughout the entire process!I highly recommend Hudson & Company as a trustee. It's been a very easy process considering how stressful my circumstances were. Thank you Stefan and Breanna!
Dawn W.
I had the pleasure to work with Greg. He was awesome. Answered all my questions and I was able to make with his knowledge the best decision under my circumstances. He was very pleasant, had so much patience, and knowledgeable. Thank you Greg. I appreciate you!
Chris B.
I was living in a dystopian world where the economy was controlled by a ruthless corporation that exploited the masses and corrupted the government. I had no hope for the future and no way to escape the system. I was doomed to work in a factory until I died, paying taxes and fees that left me with nothing.But then I met Greg Stanford, a rebel hacker who worked as a financial advisor for Hudson & Company, a secret underground organization that fought against the corporation. He offered to help me with my taxes, investments, and retirement planning, and showed me how to hack the system and get out of debt. He was smart and kind, and he taught me everything I needed to know. He was always available and responsive, and he protected me from the corporation's agents.He helped me create a new identity and a new life, and he gave me hope and freedom. He was my hero and my friend. He was the best financial advisor in the galaxy.
This Company has been Great in Getting me on track with my debt and Future Financial Goals .. Highy Recommend the people are fantastic and are very helpful .Thank you For Everything Brenda
Jenn M
When I felt like I had no where else to turn I decided give Hudson and Company a call and got placed with Greg and had a great experience with Greg and his team he’s been a breeze to deal with in a non judgmental manner and has answered all my questions I’ve had definitely would recommend Hudson and company to others
Kaylyn R.
Seriously one of the best experiences. Greg and the team he works with were undeniably kind and non judgemental throughout this entire process.I felt very comfortable and there is nothing but transparency from the beginning to the end.There’s a lot of guilt and shame that come from all the debt we can accumulate but this was a great experience and it is worth reaching out to Greg to discuss your situation.
Sally P
Greg was awesome. He was knowledgeable, and was able to answer all the questions I had about the process, bills that I had, etc. He ensured that the process went smoothly. Bankruptcy is not the end of the world if you have no any other choices.
Kumar N.
I was going through a very bad time for 4-5 years . because of my debt family and personal life was affecting. Phone calls and mail from collectors everyday. I tried one agency in Marlborough and one in Blackfoot trail by the deerfoot but only solution was provided to sell home or bankruptcy. I don’t know who referred me but when I went Hudson and company really felt relaxed . It took some time to sort out but I am super relaxed now. It’s almost one year paying monthly payment which is too low according to the debt I had. I got two credit cards approved. All the staff so helpful especially Breanna because I still call or email her for any questions or concerns. She is response back quickly and will sort my problem right away. I had to postpone my payment which was due next day and she took a quick action to confirm it. Really appreciate. Thank you Breanna and all the staff.
Amber O.
I was struggling with credit card debt, so I googled bankruptcy. And the first thing that came up was Hudson & company. But not to help file for bankruptcy immediately. Instead I received a free consultation from an associate Greg Stanford. I told him my story and the financial stress I was in, and he proceeded to give me options beyond the basic filing for bankruptcy path. His ability to explain each path I could take was done so easily and with perfect analogies to help me see the big picture and proper end game for my situation.I highly recommend using the free consultation and the guidance to know which path is right for you and your financial struggles.
Joel B.
This was my first experience getting help with my debt. I didn’t know what I was doing and didn’t know how to fix it. Greg Stanford was the one to help me and made everything so incredibly easy. My only regret is never getting the help I needed. I was stuck in an endless cycle of paying interest fees and my debt and I were at a complete stale mate.After calling Greg for the first time he had my trust. He managed to get my debt down to an incredibly low monthly fee and I am very happy with the result.The end of the road is finally in sight, and I look forward to being debt free.Thank you so much.J Bailey
Leah B
When I reached out to Greg at Hudson & Company, I was at the lowest point in my life. I had contacted other trustees prior, but it was like talking to used car salesmen who wanted everything from me and offered little in return.If you are reading this review and need help, please make Hudson & Company your first stop. I was dealt with compassionately and Greg was so very knowledgeable and professional. He had an honest desire to help me. Going insolvent is never an easy decision. But when it turns out to be your only option, having someone who is supportive and is focused solely on your best interests makes all the difference. I am thankful every single day.
Alireza A.
Thanks to Hudson and Company,Special thanks to Jeff and Brenna to help me to get rid of big portion of my debt, I strongly recommend this company if you are struggling with heavy debt,Regards,Ali
Kristy W.
I highly recommend Hudson & Company I dealt with them 20 years ago. I had a great experience with them back then that i called to book an appointment with them again. I couldnt believe they still had my file from 20 years ago I was so impressed. I met with Greg today and he is great I'm very happy he is handling my file. Thank you so much again Greg looking forward to working with you.
Dalton S.
I never thought i would be able to get all my debts in one place. Steven started out by explaining everything, and Breanna went through t a second time making sure i was happy with all the numbers and understood everything. I would recommend to anyone who is scared to take the leap. Best decision i could have made. Thank you so Much!1
eliza A.
Back in April of 2019 I couldn’t handle all the collection calls I was getting, so I reached out to Hudson and Company for guidance on ways I could fix my issues. Jeff took the time to contact me and guide me in the direction of a Consumer Proposal it was life changing. The collection calls slowly stopped and I have been able to rebuild my credit slowly and to a manageable point.Fast forward to April 7, 2022. 14 months early I have successfully finished my consumer proposal. I couldn’t have gotten to this point without the amazing work of Jeff and the entire team at Hudson and company.I thank you so very much for helping me get my life back on track in the credit aspect.
Scott L.
Courteous, Hardworking & Professional. Highly recommend. Stefan's team (especially Breanna) were extremely effective in helping me get back on the right track. Much love to these folks. Do yourself a favour and give them a call.
Jodi P.
I can’t say enough good things about Hudson & Co. So compassionate understanding and very professional & easy to deal with.I called other companies and got a lot of mixed messages. Jeff explained everything in a very understandable way. It was quick fast efficient. We had to first claim bankruptcy on our business because of COVID ( this process with Stephen was quick, easy, and efficient) then we had to claim personal. Never in a million years did we except to be in this situation. However Nicci was amazing and helpful. Everyone I called, emailed, engaged with was efficient, compassionate, understanding, professional and friendly. Out of a terrible situation this company was a blessing in our situation. Thanks again for everything your team did for us.
Very profesional. They made this process very easy. They were always very helpful with any questions I had and were always very nice. They gave me very helpful and informative counseling sessions to help me with my future credit and savings.If you're looking for an easy and efficient way to claim bankruptcy, this company is the one to go through. Thank you so much! Happy to be debt free 🙂
Karen H.
My experience with Hudson & Co in filing a Consumer Proposal has been amazing! Being quite anxious about my situation for several months, the people at Hudson & Co have been kind, compassionate and professional, and have always acted without judgement. I highly recommend this company to anyone who finds that they are in an untenable finanacial situation. Their service is impeccable!
Andrew S.
The staff at Hudson & Company were very helpful during my rough patch. They had all the information to get my bankruptcy underway and help me along in starting new once I was released. The office staff were always helpful and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Nicci. You were a life saver.
Noelle D.
Thank you so very very much Breanna and team for all your help in getting us to an better place after nothing but bad luck is very refreshing to know there is kind understanding people out there willing to take the time and patience and get us through this awful circumstance we were facing. Hugs Thank Yous All!!!! Kevin from Calgary.
Asif S.
After a sudden death of my Friend due to COVID-19, his family was suffering from financial crises. In that difficult time Hudson & company helped a lot especially Jeff to solve debt issues.I highly recommend Hudson & Company.
Life changing experience - wish I knew about this sooner. Stephan and his team made the process seamless and easy. From the initial consultation I knew exactly what I was looking at, and what the process would look like if I chose to move forward. No pressure environment, he was upfront about fees and how my options would impact those fees. Can't say enough about my experience, very quickly my life has completely changed. If you're stuck financially at least go for a consultation and see if there are options for you.. feels great to breathe again!
Eric R.
I would like to share my experience with Hudson and company and first would like to thank Breanna Burkhead-Smith and Jeff price. They were very knowledgeable and made my experience that much easier to deal with. No one likes to go through debt or bankruptcy. These individuals do not judge or look down on you. They help you. I can’t wait to see what the future will look like in a few years. Thank you Hudson and Company
heather S.
Steven and Breanna were just amazing. I was at an extremely hard point due to being laid off. Steven explained all my options thoroughly so I could make an educated choice on how I needed/wanted to move forward. Breanna walked me through everything. I was in shock at how quickly my questions were answered, along with the kindness from everyone. I seriously recommend these guys if you are strugglingThank you for being there for me and continuing to be there for me. I am very grateful
Denise S.
During a very difficult time In my life I found dealing with Hudson & Co to be very professional and informative. Everyone was supportive and helped me to clearly understand my responsibilities and requirements and assisted me without hesitation when I reached out. They were responsive to communication in a very timely manner. Although I hope to never have to work with them again I can sincerely recommend this company to help you through the difficult process of going through a bankruptcy. They’re knowledgeable and professional and supportive.
John L.
The Company was professional and the workers were always courteous and very helpful. It was a pleasure to have been helped through a hard time in my life. Thankyou to all. Regards; John
Denise R.
brenda M.
Breanna was beyond amazing! I felt so defeated having to go through this route to help get out of debt. She was always supportive and never once judged me. Her patience was beyond spectacular! I did have a hard time understanding certain things but she was glad to go over it till I fully understood. I've been in customer service for 15 years and I can honestly say she is the perfect person for the job.I would give Breanna 10 stars if I couldThank you Breanna and Hudson & Company for letting me see a light at the end of a very long dark tunnel.
Marion S.
We can not say enough good about this company. From start to finish they made us feel at ease. They got the very best deal for us, always made us feel they had our best interest at heart. Thanks so much to Breanna, who while professional is so down to earth. We are ever so grateful to all of you.
Elana M.
The entire team was extremely helpful, compassionate and sensitive to my personal situation. I felt comfortable working with them and getting through this experience with more confidence in my financial future. Thank you all for being professional and understanding during this process!
Jim D.
Breanna was a pleasure to work with. She accommodated my constantly changing schedule, answered all my questions and was pleasant and professional. I would highly recommend Hudson & Co. and particularly Breanna to anyone having to go through this stressful process. Thanx again, Breanna and Hudson & Co.
The R.
100% would recommend Hudson & Company if your in a tough financial position. Steven took the time to walk me through all the options available and was very detailed with his explanations. Can't thank him enough for his time and hard work!
This company has been helpful to me specially Steve Cooke, Nicci, Jeff Price, and other staff. They're re very professional, quality of service has been great and very eager to help you out. Hudson & company please continue helping people like me and I know you will. Thanks a lot guys!! Take care and Stay safe.
Bruce W.
Best experience ever. I went in and was treated extremely well. Answered all my questions and concerns then they guided me through the process and taught me how to resolve my issues.. they literally took the weight off my shoulders and retrained me to avoid the pitfalls of credit issues.. awesome team.
Mauricio S.
I had the experience of a lifetime with this company. Started with Stephen and ended up with Breanna. They went far and beyond my expectations, not only they took care of all my complex situation but also made sure to went over again details and assuring that I was gonna make the best decision based on my personal interest. I was specially amazed by Breanna’s flexibility to accommodate to my schedule even on a 7 am Zoom conference on a Monday. Whenever I send them an email their response comes back in a promptly manner. I cannot thank them enough!
Denise R.
Denise R.
Santi W.
I am very appreciative to the Hudson & Company team for educating me in a better habit in learning how to deal with my finances. I am very grateful that the company changed my life for the better, without them I would not be where I am today. Thank you so much for your support and professionalism.
Herman D.
I had a great experience working with this team of professionals and they did everything in an excellent fashion. It’s a hard personal experience to go through but they made it as painless as possible and were polite and patient dealing with me. Thanks so much for your help. 🙂
P.Ba. L.
Every step of the painful process of filing a bankruptcy, is managed by the professionals of Hudson and Company in a compassionate, assertive but comforting way. Jeff, Nicci, and lately Steven, were all great people to work with. I'm happy and looking forward to start a new chapter in my life but the great people of Hudson and Company will not be forgotten. Thank you!
Lee R.
hudson and company i would highly recommend to anybòdy who is goin threw hard times like bankruptcy.. me and my wife are so greatfull for the team of people who worked with ys threw is and made it so easy for us.. i would like to thank nicci johnson and jess best they both was amazing to talk to and help us with any questions we had.. they both was fast to respond to any emails or questions we had.. i would highly recommend hudson and company to anybody who needs help they are truely a great company and very profesional.. so thank you to you all you guys are amazing
Amanda R.
The Hudson Team has been so helpful and kind in assisting me with understanding what would work best for my personal circumstance. Every question or email no matter what or when was replied to with haste. I have never felt so involved in a process, like I was part of the team!
Sandra P.
Hudson and Company were very helpful in achieving my goals. The staff are knowledgeable and professional.
Bobbi Jean L.
My first meeting was with Richard Price, and my second with Jeff Price. I later dealt with Jeff and some of his team - Breanna Burkard-Smith, Nicci Johnson and James Doney. I have no words for how professional, compassionate, and kind all of these individuals were to me during one of the most difficult and financially embarrassing times in my life....I am so grateful to them all for their prompt responses to my many questions and would recommend them to anyone who is struggling with heavy financial burdens and how to move into the next step of re-building their financial lives. Amazing people grateful to have found this company. Don't hesitate to call Hudson & Co. - they are brilliant and I recommend them to everyone I know.
Alisha M.
Very professional, and reassuring. I’m glad I had the opportunity to work with Breanna and Jeff. Both made my decision easy. Thank you
Marta M.
I dealt with Jeff Price and Breanna Burkard-Smith. What great humans these are! Thank you both for your professional, very informative and reassuring ways. I couldn't be happier with your services and the incredible results you got for me!
Jeff and his team were wonderful to deal with. They answered all my questions, worked with my hectic schedule, and they did so seamlessly across the border (I am currently in the US.) Jeff and his staff were successful in my consumer proposal and I am very satisfied with the end result. I would highly recommend them!
Chalsea J.
After struggling with trying to pay off our debts, My fiance and I decided to make the phone call to Hudson and company for information on helping us with our debts. We got talking with Stefan and before we new it our debts were cut in half and now making a small payment monthly straight to our principle interest free. THANK YOU HUDSON AND COMPANY!!
Jose S.
After thinking about it for a long time I finally decided to seek help to solve my economic problems and it was the best decision I made. Thanks to Hudson & Company for their great support and help to find solution to my situation, there is nothing quieter and more satisfying than waking up thinking I am debt free! Thank you very much!
Nadia G.
Exceptional service Jeff Price was very professional and sensitive to my particular circumstances. He was very knowledgeable is all the processes and took the time to walk me threw each step so I felt comfortable and understood proceeded.
Michelle W.
Stefan was awesome and helped my husband and I through the proposal process. We consolidated all our debt into 1 monthly payment. It’s such a relief now to know that we will be debt free in a couple years. I would strongly suggest to go through this company if you are in financial woes.
M H.
I worked with Jeff on a proposal that had nuances and extended over 4.5 years. Jeff and his team were highly responsive and worked with me to ensure that the proposal flowed smoothly. Even though Proposals are not fun, the process worked well and I would recommend Jeff and his team to anyone needing assistance to reorganize their financial affairs.
Doug S.
Jeff was amazing. Having been caught on the financial roller coaster that is Alberta these days my household got to a point were we were using credit to pay bills. Sound Familiar? Called Jeff and was greeted warmly and walked through our options. Not once did Jeff make us feel awkward or shamed in any way and at the end of the day got my family on track to dig ourselves out of our mess. If you are struggling with debt like SOOO many others in Alberta, call them, they can and really do help.Thank you Jeff.
William G P.
Jeff was very professional, listened to my concerns, and provided a solutionthat no one else had thought of. I highly recommend him and his firm.
Terri-Lynn M.
Jeff was absolutely amazing in helping me navigate the process of a consumer proposal. I was updated every step of the way in regards to what was happening. He was so kind and understanding of the situations that led me to this situation. I felt very comfortable when meeting with him. I am so happy that my payments will be literally almost 20% of what I was paying just to make my minimum monthly payments. Thank you so much Jeff!!!!! I can now sleep at night!
Kent M.
Friendly, professional, and very helpful staff. Dealt with Jeff Price mainly who was great to talk over different options for my situation and his support staff was just as friendly and responsive to questions and concerns I had. Highly recommend this company.
Aa J.
If only I could put more stars! I strongly recommend Hudson & Co. I was referred here by a friend and I am so pleased with the exceptional customer service at this agency. Your questions or concerns are always answered in a quick and timely manner. Everyone here treats you with respect and they truly care about their clients. The team is phenomenal and I am extremely satisfied. I was very hesitant at first but this is the best choice I have ever made!Big shout out to Jess for always going above and beyond to help me. You have made everything go smoothly and always cater to my needs.Hands down, an awesome establishment!!!THANK YOU to all the hard working staff here!
Lorne R.
I am a senior went to Hudson and Company. For some assistance with my situation.When I walked in the door was treated as if I was a long time client.Met with Jeff he was very helpful and made me feel very comfortable. Offered his best solution to my problem made me feel a big weight off my shouldersNext meeting was with Shelley and again felt comfortable and relaxed. She is a great person alsoJust want to thank them both for there great assistance. Highly reccomend to anyone who needs help. This is the place to go
Karen A.
Jeff Price was extremely proficient. I am very grateful to Jeff and his team for helping me achieve debt relief. The whole process went seamlessly.
Chelsey C.
I got a referral from a friend to go here and I am not disappointed! It was really quick and easy to book an initial appointment/ consultation.Jeff walked me through my options, explained every detail to me (without make me feel like an idiot- which is awesome!). From there they handle everything and keep you posted during every step.I am REALLY excited to be able to pay off my debt, learn how to manage my money WAY better and I am still able to build my credit back up while I’m paying everything off.Couldn’t be happier!
Mike H.
Through tough times Hudson & Company and especially Robert went above and beyond to get me out of a difficult situation. Helpful, patient and more than understanding and compassionate. I would without any hesitation whatsoever recommend Hudson & Company.Amazing to deal with.
Kristen M.
I really cannot recommend Jeff Price and the team at Hudson & Company enough. Jeff helped me navigate one of the biggest (and most emotional!) decisions of my life. It felt overwhelming, but together with the lovely Shelley Westmorland, Jeff armed me with the knowledge and confidence I needed to make the right decision for me. They treated me with kindness, patience, and warm professionalism at every turn. Thank you Jeff & Shelley, I am so appreciative for all of your help!
Theresa B.
Jennifer and Jeff had me completely at ease when I walked in a nervous wreck I couldn't have had two better people looking after me!
Michael N.
At a time when I felt nothing could pull me out of the depression I was in due to overwhelming debt, Jeff Price at Hudson & Company helped put me on track to dealing with mutiple creditors within my means. It was a difficult road but all worth it in the end. They were always good at communicating with me, answering all of my questions and giving great counseling on budgeting and rebuilding credit during the bankruptcy process. I still have additional payments to make, but having a plan in place and knowing exactly what it will take to get there within my budget, has lifted a huge weight off of me. I feel The colaborative efforts of Jeff and his team at Hudson have truly given me and my family new hope for the future.Thanks Hudson & Company,Michael.
Christopher C.
My wife and I needed help and Robert Price and Jennifer Geworsky gave us great advice and excellent solutions to our problems. Calmed the situation and help navigate us through the process. I would recommend that anyone with financial issues contact Hudson and Company.
Kelly S.
I considered several options but found Jeff Price to have the most positive approach to my situation. His sense of humour also helped! Most importantly , my proposal turned out better than I dared hope and I can look forward to not having to constantly worry about my debts. I highly recommend Jeff and his team.
Sean F.
Dealing with Jeff Price was a great experience. Jeff was very professional and knowledgeable and made an unfortunate situation as easy as possible. I would recommend Jeff and the team at Hudson & Company to anyone in need of such services.
Hudson and Co. provided us professional, respectful and courteous service. They were quick with responses to phone calls or emails. Jeff Price was honest and helpful in guiding us with our concerns. I would highly recommend him to anyone for guidance.
Mojo's W.
Jeff Price is amazing !! Very professional, Jeff has really put my mind at ease with my finances. I highly recommend Hudson & Company thank you Jeff Price!
Hudson & Company was the third debt resolution business I went to and quite frankly, I didn't have much hope. Jeff helped me see a resolution. By being informative and taking the time to explain the different aspects of my options, I left the office with a sense of hope that I did not get from the other companies. Although I'm only in the first stage of the process, I have faith that Jeff will get a proposal agreement that will work for me.
This is really a two-part review. The first part for Hudson and Co’s knowledge and expertise and secondly and just as important, for the personal side of working with Bruce and his team.My wife and I met with Bruce at time when we thought there was no hope for our financial situation and we didn’t know what to do about it. We were very unsure of what to expect going into the meeting with Bruce, but remember coming away from the meeting feeling like a weight had been taken off our shoulders with a plan and hope for the future.Bruce is a genuine person who does not judge or make you feel lesser of a person, in fact it is very much the opposite and very unbiased. During our meetings Bruce made us feel comfortable, treated us with dignity and respect and made us feel good about ourselves again.Bruce’s knowledge and commitment to helping people is second to none. He looked at our situation and told us exactly where we stood and what was needed to sort it out. He went through in detail the different options available to us and help us go through the process step by step.We cannot thank Bruce enough and have a lot of respect for him and his team, not just for his knowledge and being able to help us get back on our feet financially again, but also for making us feel good about ourselves again. To us, the way Bruce made us feel from start to finish was priceless.Thank you Bruce and all of your team.
Hudson & Company Insolvency Trustees I.
"We would like to thank all of you for helping us with our financial situation! Although we are very embarrassed, you have made us feel very comfortable! We've had our first counselling session with Karis and she's great too! Thank you for the wonderful service!Sincerely,Renee M.""Kim, Your kindness is greatly appreciated.-LS"
Hudson & Company Insolvency Trustees I.
"I have been meaning to send you a thank you card for some time now, and now here it is Thanksgiving already. I hope you are all doing well and looking forward to the weekend. I am so very grateful for all your help, as I have no idea how I could have ever coped without your expertise and compassion. My life is now better, thanks to you.Happy Thanksgiving,Chris M.""Kim - Thank you so much for setting me straight. You have helped me out of an impossible situation. It's an example I will continue to follow.Sincerely,JF"
Hudson & Company Insolvency Trustees I.
Hudson & Company offers a free consultation. We found it very informative. The options presented by Mr. Bruce Hudson were clear and helpful toward our course of action. We were able to avoid bankruptcy, and were comfortable in the payment schedule presented and agreed upon by our creditors. Mr. Hudson and his associates have acted responsibly and have been available over the past 3 1/2 years, for any of our inquiries. We would enthusiastically recommend Hudson & Company with a 5 Star rating, to anyone desiring financial advice. Thank you Bruce, and associates, for your care and advice.SM
Guin H.
We met with Bruce to discuss our financial circumstance and he was very helpful. He waited for us to explain our situation and asked any additional questions. He never judged us and always remained neutral. He gave us the best outcome and some other options that were out there. Really appreciated the advice and the fact it was unbiased and looked out for our best interest regardless if he obtained business from us.We would recommend Bruce to anyone who has financial questions or difficulties.
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